Decorating children’s room on a budget - Get creative!


In this blog post we’ll talk about how to decorate your child’s room on a budget

Pinterest and Instagram are full of pictures perfect nurseries and toddler room, and every time I come across once of these pictures, I dream of how I can re-decorate my little one’s room to keep up with the trends and to make it more fun and modern. Do you do the same? If the answer is yes, then I’m here to help you with a few ideas and tricks that don’t cost the earth.

Here are 5 simple ideas to transform your little one’s room:

  1. Turn old furniture into new furniture

We don’t have to replace old furniture just because your child has decided to go with a different theme for their room or because it is just ‘some old furniture’. If the furniture is still in great condition, you can get a few sample pots, paint brushes and masking tape to add a splash of colour and transform the old furniture, into modern and new furniture. Create an ombré effect desk or stick some masking tape on the wardrobe and paint over to create a few patterns, this will help you change the look of the room in an instant! Children’s rooms can be instantly brought to life with layers of bright colour and pattern.


refurbished furniture for kids ideas
Source: Alizswonderland
  1. No frame, no problem!

You can create a gallery wall by framing up your child’s favourite drawings or prints! Not only will it add an affordable splash of colour to the room, but your child will be so proud to see their work or art that they like hung up like a gallery. However, if you want to frame a lot of drawings/prints, this can quickly become a bit pricey. So, instead, you can use washy tape to  stick up drawings or prints on the walls. I love tis idea because it peels back off without leaving a trace and so is perfect for places that are rented.


alternative to frame decor ideas
Source: The Everygirl
  1. Wall stickers

Get creative with wall stickers if you find washy tape difficult to work with! Simple polka dots, hearts, stars, raindrops, geometric shapes or rainbows will brighten up any room without having to spend a lot on décor. The best part is that you can remove them and re-apply them on the walls at a later date, without damaging the wall in any way.  Check out some of our wall sticker solutions here or if you want something custom made under £10, contact us via email at (don’t forget to mention this blog post in your email).


removable and reusable pastel wall sticker wall decal nursery sticker
Source: B. Baila
  1. Channel your crafting skills.

Something easy and on budget that you can make to add to your child’s room is bunting decorations. You could use different fabrics or cardstock to create pretty bunting to decorate your child’s room. The fun part about this idea is that you can get your child involved in the crafting process.


bunting crafting decor ideas
Source: Red Ted Art
  1. Simple wall patterns.

Another way to add personality to your child’s room is to try a simple paint effect. What I mean by that is to create a geometric wall statement, select two complimentary colours, use a spirit level and masking tape to divide the wall in half then get painting.


simple pattern paint on wall nursery wall paint ideas

These decoration ideas are easy, cost effective and easy to remove and replace if and when needed, so, if your son or daughter grows out of the design, they are easy and inexpensive to change over.

Love these budget children’s room décor ideas? We’d love to know how you decorate at low-cost!


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